We kissed.

"You must be very surprised".

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Marriage Not Dating Episode 6 BTS

I was worried about you.

Anonymous asked:

I love reading your tags about MWD! I love the two (or the many) faces of the only child trope. I want the complete scene of their sexy times! Looking forward this Friday and Saturday!

Hee, thank you very much! :D Please do show me who you are, anon! I’d love to talk more about this great show. My tags for that show are really just incoherent babbling. I’m glad you don’t see my twitter. That’s even worse. (I am so sorry for my followers… and friends who also watch the same show. You guys know who you are. I love you all and I’m sorry for what a mess I am.)

Lol if only the sexy times scene was actually real. I, too, can’t wait!

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I respect that you are willing to have a fair competition.