"Gun, are you stupid? Why are you worrying in advance about the hard times I might face? Why, because of a disease that didn’t happen yet, do we have to be sad and cry in advance? We can cry when it actually happens. Why do you need a “right” to love? I’m saying it’s okay. Even if we don’t know when, don’t be scared in advance. No matter what happens, I won’t let you be alone when you’re hurt.”

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Call My Name - 한별 (레드애플)
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Call My Name – 한별 (레드애플)


“I’ll take that to look at whenever I’m sad”. 


 “Lie to me while looking at my eyes. Tell me that you didn’t miss me at all for the past three years and that I was not meaningful in your life. Tell me.”



Gun finally succeeds after 5 attempts.

사랑일까? (Is It Love?) - 제이레빗 (J Rabbit)
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사랑일까? (Is It Love?) - 제이레빗 (J Rabbit) [Discovery of Romance OST Part 2]

Anything J Rabbit is welcome here. 


jangmi and gitae cuddling in bed (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


"Tonight, be with me without sleeping."


"What naughty thoughts were you thinking about?"