"We’re just really close friends."


Maybe I can find something to do here as well, something that makes my heart flutter.


"Where is it? A cleaner. A vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum, or even a broom will do". 


"In this insufficient place, I’d thought I could find no meaning, joy, or value in playing music. Teacher Viera, perhaps even here, there’s something I could do. My heart is fluttering."


Got a handful of asks wondering where I watched SDTG. I actually torrented it! But I’m not sure if I can share the link here publicly, so if you guys can kindly get off anon, I’m more than willing to give you a download link I up’d myself.

Thank you and I hope you understand!

Anonymous asked:

Can i just tell you how perfect you and your blog are. Your gifs, posts, everything, and the fact that you loved shes dating the gangster ♡

Thank you so much! :’) I’m ashamed. I’ve been following Kathniel (but have kept it under tight lid, sorta.) since their Growing Up days haha. Thank you for the love!


Anonymous asked:

ahhhhh more kathniel please ;____;

Because you asked and because I love them too much, I did another scene I liked in particular! I hope you enjoy. I might post more of them, and probably more of another love team I’m enjoying at the moment, as well. :’) They’re so precious.

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Miss me, already?


You smell good.